About Kerrie Tooth

Kerrie Tooth is a qualified Somatic Therapist, Family Therapist, Somatic Yoga Instructor and Mindful Meditation Teacher.

My own personal journey has been a rich and rewarding ongoing process that has allowed me to become the Therapist | Coach | Facilitator I am today. Today I have a much more loving and accepting relationship with myself and know what it is to be grounded & present. 

Through my own experience of healing and the many opportunities I had to support others I know that change is possible and can happen at a manageable pace according to each persons individual needs. I’ve discovered that learning & healing can be fun and that it doesn’t have to be ‘hard going’ to be effective. Please feel free to give me a call or make an enquiry via email.


Advanced Diploma: Somatic Integration Therapy.
Diploma: Marte Meo Family Therapy.
Advanced Certificate: Somatic Yoga Therapy.

Certificate 4: Assessment & Workplace Training.
Certificate: Mind Up Mindfulness Meditation.
Diploma: Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Certificate: Circle of Security Parenting Intensive.
Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia.
Clinical Registration No. 21107.


I would like to acknowledge some of my primary teachers & guides: Dr Julie Henderson, Dr Tony Richardson, Robyn Speyer, Vivian Revitt, John Sinclair and Michelle Rousseau. Many thanks to you all for the generous sharing of your great wisdom and capacities.

Embodying Wellbeing

Be the best version of yourself

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