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Research clearly indicates that the relationship and quality of the relationship between caregiver and child is central to the child’s emerging sense of self. Also, that a child’s confidence & positive self -image impacts all other aspects of their development. Consequently, children’s emotional & social development are critical areas to focus on.

I offer training & consultation to educators and parents around children’s social and emotional development & with over 15 years in the field I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on. Training modules for ECE Services are designed to be practical and relevant to the issues and concerns that educators are facing day to day.

Module 1: Fostering Healthy Self Esteem & Genuine Confidence in children

Learn more about the central role caregiver’s play in supporting children develop confidence, resilience and healthy self-esteem. Gain insight into children’s specific needs in this area and develop the relevant tools/capacities required so that children can really ‘believe in themselves and make the most of the opportunities afforded them.

Module 2: Emotional Intelligence: Guiding Children’s Behavior

Most educators would like to have harmonious, loving relationships with the children in their care however this can be difficult to maintain when we are presented with challenging behaviours like: tantrums, fighting, unco-operative or destructive behavior.

This module supports educators develop the strategies, tools & capacity to manage challenging behaviours but also offers the important additional skill of learning how to address the underlining need behind these behaviors so as to ensure sustainable change.

Module 3: Social Development – Supporting Co-operative & Interactive Play

Friendships and close relationships are one of the essential components for a fulfilling life AND being able to “stick up for yourself” allows children to avoid the bullying trap.

Learning how to be an attractive playmate and play co-operatively isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. While children will mostly “get by” it makes a real difference when educators support children develop the relevant play skills to establish, negotiate & maintain friendships.

Module 4: Wellbeing & Self Care for Educators

Educators spend a lot of time giving out to others. It is essential that educators value themselves and their role and give due consideration and time to their own overall well-being so that they can:

  • Maintain a clear, positive and calm state of mind throughout the day.
  • Be a role model for children in how to: be, respond, interact and relate with self/others.
  • Experience professional fulfillment in their day-to-day working life.

This module provides educators with a set of very practical wellbeing & self-care exercises that can easily be incorporated into daily life/work schedules. Caregivers can adjusted the sequences to suit their individual needs and can readily adapt them to use with children.


The reflective practise sessions have been extremely supportive and provided valuable learning. Kerrie offers practical strategies that we can use immediately with great success. I have learnt how to be more observant and am more confident and patient with the children.

Larissa S Cert 4 CCC

I believe that reflective practise session should be a regulated requirement for educators in early childhood. I am extremely grateful for all the knowledge and capacity I have gained through the sessions.
Fiona S Designated Supervisor ECE

The sessions were fantastic. I always looked forward to them. Kerrie is warm, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. One of the valuable things I took from the sessions was that I leant how to manage and approach difficult conversation with parents more effectively.

Astrid B – Room Leader Bachelor - ECE

I really enjoyed the sessions with Kerrie. I feel I learnt a lot about children’s social and emotional developmental needs. I also learnt a lot about myself in my role as teacher. I gained a lot of helpful information about why children react like they do and how to support their needs in a more positive calmer manner. I now say to myself – how can I do this better.
Linda G - Diploma ECE

I had the good fortune to participate in the Reflective Practice Sessions that were provided at the early childhood centre I worked at. I always looked forward to them and had questions lined up ready to discuss. Analyzing video’s was an invaluable way to learn by example and see more clearly whats going on with the children.
Khadijah A – Diploma ECE

Embodying Wellbeing

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