Therapy, Counselling and Coaching

Therapy, Counselling and Coaching aim to encourage emotional maturity and a greater sense of autonomy and effectiveness.  All are suitable for everyday folk with everyday life concerns. This may include things like confidence and self-esteem issues, lifestyle challenges, managing emotions, relationships difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief or loss. I offer a safe and respectful relationship where you can reflect, explore new options and find healing & balance. Appointments are available: in person, online via zoom/skype or on the phone via standard call or facetime.

Counseling is generally shorter term and can help you gain insight and learn practical skills to resolve everyday life challenges. Counseling offers a supportive, respectful relationship during times of crisis or change or when we have specific issues to address.

Coaching is a great way to address specific needs & concerns relating to a particular aspect of your life. Coaching provides a structure that will empower you to establish new habits & make constructive changes. Our coaching programs are especially helpful for everyday life concerns like parenting, life purpose, work-life balance.

Personal Therapy is process of self-discovery that supports change at a deeper level. Therapist & client work together to explore, unravel and resolve issues and address core beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that no longer serve. Clients find new ways to approach life with the aim to lead more fulfilling lives.

Somatic Therapy considers and includes not only our thoughts and emotions but also how these are felt and held in the body.  In this way, it takes a body orientated approach to the therapeutic process and focuses on the integration of body and mind.


  • Increase confidence & self-esteem
  • Establish more loving and harmonious relationships
  • Find resolution for challenging circumstances
  • Learn effective ways to reduce & cope with stress and anxiety
  • Resolve grief and loss
  • Enhance communication and listening skills
  • Become more aligned with your authentic self
  • Establish new habits that support health & wellbeing
  • Create a better work/life balance
  • Become more resilience, resourceful & positive

Kerrie Tooth P.A.C.F.A. Clinical Member: 21107

kerrie tooth


Kerrie is a kind and insightful therapist. Right from the start I felt comfortable with her. I have grown a lot and made some real changes. I found the sessions extremely worthwhile and can highly recommend Kerrie.

Jordan B.

I got so much out of the sessions with Kerrie. I found the concepts around children’s attachment needs easy to understand and translate into my own parenting situation. Right from the start, I could see real benefits for both my daughter and I. Just small things that I could put into practice that meant the difference between a catastrophic meltdown and a small hiccup. 

Maeve S.

It has been really hard for me to accept myself.  Kerrie has helped me a lot and I feel much more at ease with myself. Thank you, Kerrie, for all your support. 

John W.

“Having Kerrie’s support while I worked out how to do things differently in my relationship made making changes a lot easier than I expected.” 

Tea T.

I went to see Kerrie for support around depression issues and at the time I was also having panic attacks. Kerrie helped me address the causes of these problems and gave me some great techniques for how to deal with them. I haven’t had a panic attack for over a year and am much more relaxed and calmer in my everyday life. 

Deb R.

The information on tantrums I found particularly useful, I just wish I had Kerrie’s support with my first child. There were many ‘lightbulb’  moments that have shifted my approach to parenting my kids. 

Jessica K.

Embodying Wellbeing

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